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Final Exam 3.0 (Part 2)

33 While using a non-administrator Windows 2000 account, an administrator is asked to add a new user to the system. What is the easiest way for the administrator to create a new user?

	The administrator enters Administrator Tools and then clicks on Computer Management. The administrator will then be able to create a new user.
	? The administrator enters Administrator Tools without changing to the Administrator account then right-clicks on Computer Management and selects Run as. After entering the Administrator account password the administrator can create a new user.
	The administrator clicks on Start > Switch User. The administrator then chooses the Administrator account to create the new user.
	The administrator logs out from the the non-administrator account and then logs in as the administrator. The administrator will then be able to create a new user.

34 A technician has determined that the reason a Linux system refuses to boot is that the /etc/fstab file is corrupt. What should the technician do to try to repair the system?

	use an MS-DOS boot disk to boot the system and then use the MS-DOS edit utility to repair the /etc/fstab file
	? boot the system using an emergency boot disk floppy and then edit the /etc/fstab file on the hard drive
	boot the system using the emergency repair disk and then run fdisk /mbr
	run the Linux installation program from the installation CD and select Repair fstab when it reaches the disk partitioning step

35 When using Linux, which of the following commands is used to perform a low-level format?

	? fdformat

36 Which of the following situations can be addressed by using the fsck command?

	A user has been given the job of creating two new partitions on an existing hard drive.
	A user must change the permissions on three existing files without changing any existing permissions on the directory where the files are stored.
	? A user must repair the file structure after an unexpected power failure causes a system to abruptly shut down.
	A user must batch create home directories for seven new users.

37 What are two steps in the creation of a Windows 2000 or Windows XP script? (Choose two.)

	? write the script code and save as ASCII text
	make sure the first line of the script defines the scripting language used
	compile the script into a bytecode file
	compile the script into a binary executable file
	? save the script with the appropriate filename extension for the scripting language used

38 Which of the following commands would allow a user to switch from a user account to the root account to execute a program that requires root permissions?

	? su

39 What is the System Monitor tool?

	It is an MS-DOS utility that displays current CPU usage only.
	It is an MS-DOS tool that displays information about the usage of a variety of resources.
	It is a tool available in Windows 2000 and XP that will display the current state of a number of system resources in a textual format.
	? It is a Windows 2000 and XP tool that shows graphically the utilization of a number of system resources over a period of time.

40 What is the name of a free software program that is useful for monitoring security breaches on Linux servers without enhancing security?

	PC Guardian

41 How can an administrator assist a Windows 2000 user with a forgotten password?

	? set a new password for the user in the Computer Management tool
	enter the Computer Management tool, click on the user, and then select Properties > Password to display the password
	switch to the user account from the administrator account and select Set Password from the Control Panel
	log in as the user using the administrator password, enter Ctrl-Alt-Del, and click on Change Password
	delete the user account from the Computer Management tool and create a new user account
	e-mail Microsoft to request a new password for the account, which will then be e-mailed directly to the user

42 Which of the following Linux commands is used to create a directory?

	? mkdir

43 Which of the following commands can be used to specify the user and group ownership of a file?

	? chown

44 Which of the following, when used with the telinit command, will cause a system to read the /etc/inittab file and implement new changes?

	? q

45 Which tool, native to Windows XP, is used to monitor system resources?

	? Performance Tool
	XP Benchmark Tool
	System Safeguard

46 What is the function of the netstat utility?

	It displays the manufacturer and version of network devices.
	It is the part of the SNMP suite, which collects network usage information.
	It is a Linux utility for collecting information about other devices that are connected to a network.
	It converts an IP address to a MAC address.
	? It displays information about a network such as connections, routing tables, and interfaces.

47 Which Linux partition generally contains the kernel?

	? /boot

48 Which of the following statements is true of NIS?

	The NIS domain name must be the same as the Internet DNS domain name.
	Changes to the NIS database can be made on any NIS server and will be replicated throughout the system.
	? Slave servers provide load sharing for the NIS server.
	All NIS configuration changes to an NIS client must be performed in an ASCII text editor.
	For security purposes, it is recommended that the yppasswd command be used to set a different NIS user password than the one on the local machine.

49 What is the name of the standard X Window terminal program?

	? xterm

50 After configuring Web services with Windows XP, what two methods can be used to view the default web page? (Choose two.)

	Users can view the default web page by using the View Web Page tool found under Administrative Tools in the IIS Manager.
	? Users can view the default web page by submitting the address via a web browser on the Windows XP server.
	Users can view the default web page by submitting http://www.localstart.asp in the web browser on the Windows XP server.
	? Users can view the default web page by submitting the IP address of the Windows XP server via a web browser on the Windows XP server.

51 A technician is setting up a Windows workstation that has an IP address of to work on a network that contains a Linux file server with the IP address What should the technician do to view the IP configuration on the workstation?

	? run ipconfig /all on the workstation
	run ipconfig on the workstation
	run ping on the workstation
	run ifconfig addr on the server
	run ping on the server

52 Which file system type is recommended for a Linux hard disk partition to be used for applications and data?

	? ext3

53 Which are three reasons a company may choose Linux over Windows as an operating system? (Choose three.)

	It is difficult to buy a new computer with a server version of Windows pre-installed.
	There is more application software available for Linux.
	? Running a Linux server without a GUI will increase efficiency and reliability. This option is not available in server versions of Windows.
	? After a user has purchased a copy of Linux, it can be installed on any number of computers for no additional charge.
	After a user has purchased a copy of Windows, it can be installed on any number of computers for no additional charge.
	? By default, users must provide a username and password to log into a Linux system, which improves system security.

54 Which of the following directories contains most of the Linux system log files?

	? /var/log

55 How can a technician change the IP address of a Windows 2000 system?

	run cmd and then enter the command ipconfig
	right-click on My Computer and then Properties > Network Connections > TCP Settings
	? right-click on My Network Places > Properties and then Local Area Network > Properties > TCP/IP > Properties
	left-click on Start > Programs > Accessories > Administrative Tools > Network Settings

56 What are two ways a Windows client can connect to a shared network printer? (Choose two.)

	? Add Printer Wizard
	Net Connection Wizard
	net connect command
	? net use command

57 Which two of the following are common Linux super-servers? (Choose two.)

	? inetd.d
	? xinetd.d

58 A technician in a small company has been asked to install Windows 2000 onto a laptop that belongs to a manager. Which installation option should the technician choose?

	? portable

59 Which command is used to change groups after a user has logged into a system?

	? newgrp

60 The administrator of a Windows 2000 system believes that the reason for the reduced performance of the network is due to the condition of the server's disks. What Windows 2000 tool can the administrator use to get the most complete information regarding the status of the disks on the server?

	Right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
	? Click on Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
	Click on Run and enter msconfig in the text box.
	Click Start > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Management.

61 A technician is given a Windows 2000 computer that apparently has an inoperable modem card. What should the technician do first?

	take the case off the computer and make sure the modem card is properly seated in the expansion slot
	remove the suspect card and replace it with another one to see if the fault goes away
	? check in Device Manager to see if there are any icons next to the modem device
	left-click on My Computer and then click on Explore to detect any faults within the system
	double-click on My Computer and then Dialup Network Connections to determine if Windows recognizes the modem device

62 In Windows 2000, which two categories within Computer Management under System Tools store logged information? (Choose two.)

	System Log
	Warnings, Errors, and Alerts
	Service Log
	? Performance Logs and Alerts
	? Event Viewer
	Network Log

63 What are three important considerations when designing a server? (Choose three.)

	monitor screen size
	? memory requirements
	? CPU speed
	speaker quality
	? hard disk type   
	sound card capabilities
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Final Exam 3.0 (Part 1)

1 A technician is troubleshooting a Windows machine that is not communicating with the network server. The technician verifies that the server is not reachable and ipconfig shows that the workstation is configured properly. What should the technician do next?

	ping the default gateway
	? ping
	check the configuration of the server
	tracert to the server

2 Which three of the following network configuration parameters can be set during installation? (Choose three.)

	? IP address
	MAC address
	file server address
	? DNS server address
	? subnet mask
	network type

3 Which distribution is one of the oldest and viewed as being one of the most significant?

	? Red Hat

4 Which Microsoft option will use the Internet to contact a vendor's website in search of patches, fixes, and updates?

	Secure Update
	Flash Update
	? Windows Update
	Update Manager
	Patch Manager

5 Which of the following is considered good practice when partitioning a hard disk for a new OS? (Choose two.)

            ? A third party partitioning tool that supports the operating systems to be installed should be used.f
	MS-DOS fdisk should be used, as it creates partitions that are compatible with all major operating systems.
	? The partitioning tool that comes with the OS should be used to create the partitions for that OS, if no other options are available.
	Partitions should be as large as the disk will allow to provide room for future expansion.
	Partitions should be made as small as possible and FIPS used to adjust them later as necessary.

6 Which two of the following commands can be used to configure security for a Linux system that is acting as a dedicated firewall? (Choose two.)

	? ipchains
	? iptables

7 Which two of the following devices are most likely to have drivers that are already compiled into a modern Linux kernel? (Choose two.)

	? sound card
	software modem
	? USB device
	video card

8 What allows Linux applications to print to non-PostScript printers?

	? Ghostscript

9 Which two of the following standards describe proper security for usernames and passwords? (Choose two.)

	A complex password convention is less important than having a complex standard regarding usernames.
	All passwords should be a short combination of easily remembered letters and numbers so that users will not need to write their passwords down.
	? The level of password control for assigning passwords should match the level of protection required.
	Both usernames and passwords should periodically expire to ensure maximum security.
	? Password expiration and lockout rules should be clearly defined and communicated to network users.

10 What are three network operating systems? (Choose three.)

	? Windows XP
	Windows 98
	Windows ME
	? Windows NT
	? Windows 2000

11 When developing a network security plan, what are three factors that should be considered? (Choose three.)

	? the type of business conducted by the company and any laws pertaining to confidentiality of data
	the type of hardware being used by the company
	the geographic location and industry ranking of the company
	? the type of data stored on the company network
	? the management philosophy and how it is presented to employees

12 Which of the following commands will show a listing of all the Linux commands and a brief description?

	man man
	? man intro
	man list
	man more
	man command

13 Which of the following is the most popular type of package manager available for Linux?

	? RPM

14 Which four parts of a Linux file system are often located in dedicated partitions? (Choose four.)

	? /
	? /boot
	? /home
	? swap file

15 A new administrator has discovered that kernel messages are not saved to a log file when the system is booted. The LILO boot loader is used. What can the administrator do to correct this?

	? put the line dmesg > /var/log/boot.messsages in the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file
	put the line dmesg in the init.conf file
	press the F8 button when the system is booted
	hold the F6 key down when the system is powered up
	put the line messages = /etc/log/boot.messages in lilo.conf

16 If the kill command is used on a computer running Linux without specifying a signal, which signal is used by default?


17 An instructor in a small college is putting together systems on which students will practice installing Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The instructor has been given 133 MHz Pentium computers with 128 MB of RAM, 2 GB hard drive, and a 12X CD-ROM drive. Which component needs to be upgraded to bring the machines up to the recommended standard for Windows 2000 Advanced Server?

	? RAM
	hard drive
	CD-ROM drive

18 If network users cannot access an FTP server, what are two ways to stop and restart the FTP service on a Windows 2000 server? (Choose two.)

	use the IIS Wizard
	? click on the Services and Applications > Services tab in the MMC
	enter netstat -halt at the command line
	? select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
	select IIS Maintenance Console > Services

19 Which three of the following file systems can be used to format a Windows NOS partition? (Choose three.)

	? FAT
	? FAT32

20 Which three of the following statements correctly describe topologies? (Choose three.)

	The physical topology of a network refers to the path data travels from a source to a destination.
	? The logical topology of a network refers to the path signals travel from a source to a destination.
	? A ring topology can refer to either a physical or logical topology.
	A logical topology refers to the actual map and layout of a network.
	? A physical topology describes the actual layout of network devices.

21 The Apache web server has been installed on a Linux server and is being configured. The administrator wishes to change the location of the web pages that will be served to /home/www and knows that the main configuration file contains this directive. What is the name of the file that needs to be edited?

	? httpd.conf

22 Why might the administrator of a small company choose Windows 2000 Server instead of Windows 2000 Professional?

	The operating system is to run on a dual-processor system.
	? The system is to act as a DNS server.
	The company needs an intranet based on a small web server.
	The server will be accessed by up to ten simultaneous users.

23 Which two of the following standards are necessary for proper virus protection? (Choose two.)

	Virus protection software should only be installed on client workstations that have Internet access.
	Virus protection software should only be installed on servers that can be accessed by remote clients.
	? Virus protection software should be installed on all workstations and servers.
	All virus warnings should come from at least two network support technicians.
	? One person should be responsible for communicating virus alerts to all users.

24 A technician wishes to load Linux onto a new computer system that currently has no operating system loaded on the single hard drive. The technician wishes to boot from the installation CD but the message 'Media error' keeps appearing. What should the technician do next?

	? check the BIOS to make sure the CD-ROM is the first boot device
	make sure the cable to the CD-ROM is inserted correctly
	partition the disk using fdisk
	boot from a boot floppy
	try booting from a different Linux distribution\

25 The table shows the users and groups that have permission to access a file and the permissions they have in a Windows XP system. If User1 is a member of the User group but not a member of the Administrator group, which users can delete the file?

	administrators only
	any member of the Administrator and User groups
	? User1 and any member of the Administrator group
	any member of the User group only
	User1 only

26 Which statement accurately describes the Slackware Linux distribution?

	It is designed for Linux novices.
	It has a range of user interfaces and uses RPM.
	? It is designed for advanced users and uses text-based configuration tools.
	It is intended solely for non-profit organizations and uses the Debian package manager.

27 A user wants to give other network users access to a folder on a Windows 2000 system. After right-clicking on the folder, which item should the user select?

	? Sharing

28 In Windows 2000 Professional, which of the following functions can a user perform without administrator rights?

	? add a mapping to a network printer
	manage the domain configuration
	assign permissions to a user account
	manage security policies

29 Which two of the following statements are true about Linux scripts? (Choose two.)

	Scripts cannot contain loops.
	? Scripts are executed in a top down fashion.
	? Scripts can be created using the vi text editor.
	Scripts cannot contain commands.
	A script is part of the OS. 

30 Which extension is found on the end of files that have been compressed using the compress program?

	? .Z

31 Which three of the following statements about memory are true? (Choose three.)

	? RAM is faster than the hard disk of a computer.
	Hard disks normally have smaller storage capacity than RAM.
	? Virtual memory can be used to compensate for a lack of physical memory.
	Virtual memory must be managed manually.
	? A lack of available RAM will impact the performance of a computer.

32 Which mode of the vi text editor will be accessed by typing a colon (:)?

	? last-line
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 12 (88%)

1 Which version of the Linux kernel includes ISA PnP support that does not require the isapnp program?

? 2.4.x

2 Which program is used to insert a single module into the Linux kernel?

? insmod

3 A module needs to be loaded. However, confirmation that the Linux kernel can load the module is important. Which of the following options of the insmod program will accomplish this task?

? -p

4 Which option of the insmod program will send output to a log file instead of the console?

? -s

5 What is the main concept to be aware of when installing hardware on a Linux system?

type of device
? compatibility
number of slots available

6 Which insmod option will automatically unload the module when it is no longer being used?

? -k

7 Which Linux file needs to be edited to specify an IRQ for an Ethernet card?

? /etc/lilo.conf

8 Which of the following factors should be considered when installing a SCSI drive to ensure system compatibility? (Choose three.)

? variant
? ID
? termination
drive size
average seek time

9 What would be the most important feature to consider when selecting a video card for a workstation based on performance?

? amount of on-board RAM

10 What is the most common cause of core system hardware failure?

static discharge
? overheating
incorrect drivers
excessive use and age
physical damage

11 Which insmod option will instruct the program to load the module even if the module was compiled for a different kernel?

? -f

12 How is PnP handled in a Linux system? (Choose two.)

? isapnp program
iopnp program
ISA configuration option in control panel
? ISA configuration option in the Linux kernel

13 On a Linux system, which of the following files will show the interrupt request number allocation?

? /proc/interrupt

14 A technician is adding an internal PnP modem to a system, but a check of system resources shows that all available IRQs are reserved or being used by other devices. What could the technician do to get the device to work?

manually assign the IRQ of another device that is not expected to be used at the same time as the modem
use trial and error to find an IRQ that will work with the modem
configure the modem to work without an IRQ
change CMOS settings to allow the BIOS to free up an unused IRQ
? configure the modem to use a DMA address instead of an IRQ

15 A new EIDE hard drive has been added to a Linux workstation. The hard drive is functioning but performance is poor. What should the administrator do first to check the installation?

ensure that the ribbon cable connector being used is the one closest to the motherboard
ensure that the jumpers on the hard disk are set to configure it as the master drive on EIDE channel 1
repartition the disk to create smaller partitions
? use the hdparm utility to test the disk and set options

16 Which of the following Linux files can be viewed to see resource allocations? (Choose three.)

? /proc/interrupt
? /proc/dma
? /proc/ioports

17 Which two steps should a technician perform first when troubleshooting a new EIDE hard drive installation that a computer does not recognize? (Choose two.)

? check CMOS to ensure that the hard drive settings are correct
? ensure that the drive has the correct master or slave jumper settings
ensure that the kernel contains the correct drivers for the drive
make sure the device number and termination are correct

18 Which of the following is an OS-independent component that is responsible for basic hardware and resource configuration before the OS loads?

? USB ports

19 Some PCMCIA driver packages allow drivers to be mounted while a device is installed and unmounted when the device is removed from a laptop. Which feature makes this possible?

? Card Services

20 Which two of the following statements about SCSI devices and configuration are true? (Choose two.)

? The SCSI controller needs to be terminated if it is at the end of a chain.
A forked chain occurs when two SCSI cables are connected to a single controller.
Throughput can be reduced if all SCSI devices are not the same variant.
? All SCSI devices in a chain must have the same device number.
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 11

1 Which of the following can be used to execute a series of Linux commands at a specified time?

? time

2 What are three key concepts when analyzing and optimizing network performance?

? bottlenecks, baselines, and best practices
baselines, base logs, and best practices
best practices, base logs, and bottlenecks
baseline, bottlenecks, and backups

3 Which output does the df command produce when executed from the Linux CLI?

? detailed information about the file system
detailed information about the top-level directory
detailed information about CPU and RAM usage
detailed information about the data stored on the disk

4 When should a baseline reading of network performance be made?

at the busiest time of day
? when the network is running normally
at the least busy time of day
when the network is not in use

5 Which setting determines if a program will run with the permissions of its assigned group or the permissions of the user's groups?


6 Which of the following statements is true about the use of Performance Tool?

Performance Tool is only available for use on Linux computers.
? Performance Tool should be used sparingly since it uses valuable system resources.
Performance Tool can only be used to monitor network computers.
Performance Tool can only be used in conjunction with a pre-established baseline.

7 Which file can be studied by programmers to determine the potential cause of a program crash?

? Core Dump
Script Debugger
Process Tracker
Trace File
Error Pack

8 Which of the following tools can be used to analyze Linux system log files?

? Logcheck

9 Which Linux command is used to create filesystems on a partition?

? mkfs

10 Which statement is true when the SUID bit is set as the root account for a program?

Root cannot execute the program.
Only root can execute the program.
? Any user can execute the program using root account permission.
Users can execute the program only if they belong to the same group as the owner of the program.
Only the owner of the program can execute the program.

11 Which Linux command is used to create partitions on a hard disk?

? fdisk

12 Which Linux command can be used to terminate processes that are consuming too many system resources?

? kill

13 What are two guidelines that an administrator should follow to maintain a healthy hard drive? (Choose two.)

limit the amount of RAM available to individual users
? defragment the hard drive regularly
allow users to use all available storage with no limits
? continually manage available disk space
do not limit the size of user home directories

14 Which Linux command can be used to terminate a group of processes that have the same name instead of terminating them with their PID numbers?

? killall

15 Linux administrators have several CLI commands available to display information on system resources. What is the output associated with using the du command?

a display of disk usage for a file system
? a display of disk usage for a directory
a display of disk usage for file information
a display of the user's remaining disk space

16 Which disk management tool is available to limit the amount of data a user can store on a network?

disk quota
disk ceiling
? disk limit
disk wall
disk container

17 Which of the following can be used to monitor system resources in Windows XP and Windows 2000?

Event Viewer
? Performance Tool
Task Scheduler

18 What is the function of the /etc/crontab file in Linux?

? to schedule system jobs
to schedule user jobs
to validate created processes
to remove cron jobs

19 A system unexpectedly shuts down due to power failure. As a result, the file system is damaged. Which Linux command could be used to repair the file system?

? mkfs
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 9 (77.5%)

1 You are installing RedHat 7.2 and have decided to use the installation class called «Workstation». Which of the following packages will not be installed? (Select two.)

X Windows
*Telnet daemon
*HTTP daemon
Vi editor
Sendmail daemon

2 When is the root account typically created in Linux?

at first login
*during NOS installation
when configuring NOS user accounts
after user accounts are created

3 You have tried to install a particular RedHat package but it keeps telling you that it has a «failed dependency». What would cause this error?

The package depends on certain user input.
The package depends on operating system input.
*The package depends on another package being installed.
The package depends on hardware that is not present in the computer.

4 Which of the following directories stores the package database for the Red Hat Package Manager?


5 Which of the following would be standard file system types that Linux would use during an installation? (Select two.)


6 A file system is written to a partition when a hard drive is formatted. Which three of the following file systems can be used in a typical Linux installation? (Choose three.)


7 Which of the following commands would assign a default gateway of to the local host?

ifconfig eth0 def-gate
ifconfig eth0 gw
ifconfig eth0 default gw
route add def-gate
route add gw
*route add default gw

8 You would like to install the samba program on your Linux machine. You have located the file samba-2.0.7.tar.gz. Which command should you use to completely unpack the files in this package?

gunzip samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
*tar -xvf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
tar -xvzf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
gunzip -xvf samba-2.0.7.tar.gz

9 A technician is setting up a Linux workstation to automatically get all of the correct IP settings as soon as it boots. Which protocol should be configured on the workstation to accomplish this?

default gateway

10 Which three statements are correct when describing the ifconfig command? (Choose three.)

Settings must be saved following this command or they will be lost when the computer is rebooted.
Printers can be shared using this command.
*The NIC card can be set up and configured using this command.
*The IP address of the local host can be assigned using this command.
*The hardware address of the local host can be assigned using this command.

11 You would like to perform a high-level format on a hard disk. Which of the following Linux commands will accomplish this?


12 Which of the following is the most widely supported package type available in Linux?


13 What is the name of the X Window package that is supplied with most distributions of Linux?

X Window

14 Which of the following can be set within the LILO configuration file?

an option to ask for a DNS server
*an option to clear the /tmp directory at boot
an option to boot to runlevel 5
an option to use DHCP

15 You have formatted a drive while doing a Linux installation for a production server. The formatting revealed that there were several bad blocks. You see that the bad blocks make up about four percent of the total disk. Which of the following would be the best course of action?

reformat the drive with a high level format
reformat the drive with a low level format
*replace the drive
mark the blocks as "bad" and continue the installation

16 Which term describes the Linux superuser account?

power user

17 Which of the following are valid boot loader options for most Linux installations? (Choose two.)

RPM Loader

18 You have decided to install your new Linux distribution by using the bootable CD that came with it. What must be configured before you can boot from the CD?

Hard drive

19 A user wishes to install Linux on a PC with an Intel compatible Pentium class processor and 64 MB of RAM. What is the recommended minimum amount of free space on the hard drive to complete the installation?

200 MB
500 MB
*900 MB
1 GB
2 GB
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 8

1. In Windows 2000, which of the following is a required field when creating a new user account?

	- the full name
	- the password
	+ the user name
	- the description

2. Which two of the following tasks are performed before the Setup wizard stage of a Windows 2000 installation? (Choose two.)

	+ reconfigure hard disk partitions if necessary
	- enter the product registration key
	+ format the disk
	- configure networking

3. An administrator needs an account that can be used to manage all the computers in a domain. What is the name of the group that Windows 2000 provides to allow the administrator to perform this function?

	- Root
	- Admin
	+ Domain Admins
	- Enterprise Admins
	- Administrator

4. In Windows 2000, what is the best way to restore a deleted user account?

	- Select undelete from the popup menu.
	- Create a new account with the same user name.
	- Select undo from the Edit menu.
	+ Delete cannot be undone.

5. In Windows 2000, what is the name of the HTTP web service located in the Administrative Tools menu?

	- Default FTP Site
	+ Default Web Site
	- Default Web Service
	- Default Internet Information Service

6. Which Windows tool allows an administrator to easily view or navigate a file system?

	- Internet Explorer
	+ Windows Explorer
	- WinNT Explorer
	- File Explorer

7. Which method should an administrator use to provide for securely sharing files on a larger network?

	- arrange for each host on the network to share files with the other hosts on the network to distribute the load
	- only allow clients used by trusted users to share files with others on the network
	+ require users to map to a network drive on a network file server on the LAN
	- set up an area on a web server that can then be accessed from anywhere through web browsers

8. What is the main reason that NTFS is the preferred file system for a Windows 2000 partition?

It is the only file system that is available to a Windows 2000 administrator.
	- It cannot be accessed by Linux systems.
	- It supports a bigger file system than any of the alternatives.
	+ It offers better security than any of the alternatives.
	- Most Windows 2000 administrators are trained to use NTFS.

9. A network administrator is setting up a web presence for a small company. The company plans to use the address www.thecompany.com but has not created a DNS entry for the server yet. The administrator has set up a new web server on a networked machine with the IP address What should the administrator initially do to determine if the web server is functioning?

	+ Run a web browser on the server machine and enter the address
	- Run a web browser on a host connected to the same network and enter the address
	- Ask someone outside the organization to try to access the website using the address
	- Ask someone outside the organization to try to access the website using the address http://www.thecompany.com.
	- Run a web browser on a host connected to the same network and enter the address http://www.thecompany.com.

10. An administrator has written a script in VBScript and saved the file. What must the administrator do to ensure that WSH is aware that this is a VBScript file?

	- The first line of the script file must be VBS.
	- The WSH configuration file needs to be updated with the name of the new script file.
	+ The file must have the extension .vbs.
	- WSH must be informed that it is a VBScript file when it is loaded.

11. What is the purpose of the user's full name in the New User account box?

	+ It is informational only.
	- It authenticates the username.
	- It allows the user to logon.
	- It matches the user to permissions.

12. Which two of the following statements about passwords are correct? (Choose two.)

	- No two users should have the same password.
	+ Passwords should be at least five characters long.
	+ Passwords should contain at least one non-alphabetic character.
	- Passwords should be easy to remember such as a favorite sports team.

13. Which three of the following groups can be created in Windows 2000? (Choose three.)

	+ local groups
	+ global groups
	+ domain local groups
	- domain global groups
	- audit groups

14. When installing Windows 2000 Professional on a new machine, what must you do to boot from the CD?

- Nothing, it will automatically boot from the CD.
	- Select the correct install device option from the menu.
	+ Enter the CMOS setup and set the boot sequence to boot from the CD-ROM drive first.
	- Insert the Windows 2000 CD in the CD-ROM drive and press Enter.

15. What are three desirable characteristics of a print server? (Choose three.)

- good graphics
	+ fast processor
	+ adequate RAM
	+ adequate disk space
	- adequate tape backup

16. An administrator has just finished setting up a Windows 2000 PC. What should the administrator do first to ensure that the NIC has been correctly configured?

	- run the ifconfig -a command
	+ run the ipconfig /all command
	- ping the local host
	- ping the default gateway

17. Which two statements about computer names in Windows 2000 are correct? (Choose two.)

- A computer name is optional.
	+ The maximum length for a computer name is 15 characters.
	- The maximum length for a computer name is 255 characters.
	+ There is a default computer name based on the organization name.
	- Computer names on a network do not need to be unique if they have unique IP addresses.

18. Which component of Windows 2000 accommodates many types of scripting languages?

	- VBScript
	- JScript
	+ WSH
	- ShellScript

19. What must a Windows 2000 client do in order to assign a logical drive letter to a shared folder on a network file server?

+ map to the network drive
	- link to the file server
	- share the network folder
	- create a path to the file server

20. In the Windows 2000 NOS, which tools must be loaded to run FTP services?

	- FTP Services
	- Network Services
	+ Internet Information Services
	- Site Services

21. Which command can be used in Windows 2000 to capture the output from a printer port and redirect it to a network printer?

	+ net use
	- capture
	- lpt1 > net
	- netprint

22. What is the default method of authentication used by Telnet in a Windows 2000 environment?

- plain text
	- kerberos
	- ND5
	- .net passport

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Operating Systems 3.0 module 7

1. Which Windows utility can be used to perform a hardware inventory?

	Administrative Tools
	Windows Explorer
	? Device Manager

2. ext3 introduced journaling capabilities to Linux file systems. What is an advantage of a journaling file system?

	? It reduces the time spent recovering a file system after a crash.
	It allows administrators to determine the owners of files created on the system.
	It keeps file clusters attached to the files to which they are allocated.
	It enables Linux systems to interoperate with Windows systems.

3. What is the best source of hardware compatibility information?

	? the World Wide Web
	a hardware manual
	a software manual
	the CD-ROM readme document

4. Which of the following Windows file systems is the most appropriate for a network file server?


5. Most NOSs will only run on certain hardware configurations. For which four items are minimum requirements specified? (Choose four.)

	? CPU speed
	? CPU type
	? RAM
	CD-ROM drive
	? hard disk space

6. What are two valid file systems for a Linux partition? (Choose two.)

	? ext2
	? ext3

7. A technician is trying to configure a PC to dual boot with Windows XP and Linux. XP has already been installed and configured in one partition. Linux has been installed in another partition. The technician wishes to replace the LILO loader with grub but is having problems. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

	? The technician did not remove the LILO files first.
	Grub will not work with XP.
	Linux should have been loaded first.
	The technician did not run /sbin/grub-install.

8. The ping command is used to test network connectivity. What is the best IP address to ping for this test?

	the DNS address
	the loopback address
	the local NIC address
	? the default gateway address

9. Which task should be performed before installing a NOS?

	Change the system hardware and peripherals before beginning.
	? Verify that the NOS supports all application software that will run on the server.
	Run the evaluator software prior to loading to establish hardware settings.
	Be familiar with the NOS so configuration questions can be ignored.

10. When setting up a hard disk, what are the three possible types of partitions?

	primary, secondary, and logical
	? primary, logical, and extended
	C, D, and E
	boot, program, and data

11. How many partitions can an MS-DOS-type partition table describe?

	? four

12. Which four items of information are required for TCP/IP network configuration? (Choose four.)

	? IP address of host
	? subnet mask
	MAC address
	? IP address of default gateway
	? IP address of DNS server
	host name

13. The figure shows a section of the display from Device Manager. What does it show about the laser printer?

	The network cable is unplugged.
	? Windows recognized the device but could not locate a suitable driver.
	Windows does not know the proper name of the device.
	Windows could not locate the device in the expected location.

14. How is the root partition identified in Linux?

	? /

15. Linux systems typically dedicate an entire partition to virtual memory. What is this partition called?

	the RAM partition
	? the swap partition
	the pagefile partition
	the page partition
	the memory partition

16. What must be done when setting up a RAID array in Linux?

	All the disks must be partitioned as primary partitions.
	All the partitions need an extended partition.
	? The disks must be mounted using LVM.
	The disks must be formatted using NFS.

17. What is the first step every computer will perform when it is turned on, regardless of the operating system?


18. Which Windows file performs the same function as the Linux LILO files?

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Operating Systems 3.0 module 6

1. What are two popular Desktop Environments that run on Linux?

		? - GNOME and KDE
		- Apache and Samba
		- Xfree86 and GNOME
		- Apache and KDE

2. Which type of authentication security does Windows 2000 Professional support?

		- Secure Socket Layer
		? - Kerberos
		- Samba
		- Apache

3. Which program, running on a Linux server, allows Windows-based clients to see the Linux file system without installing client software?

		- NFS
		- Apache
		- Samba
		- KDE

4. Which client/server file system is used by most varieties of Linux file servers?

		- FAT32
		? - NFS
		- NT
		- SMB

5. How many Primary Domain Controllers (PDCs) are allowed in a Windows NT environment?

		? - 1
		- 2
		- 4
		- 9

6. What are two benefits of having more than one processor in a system?

		- support for remote locations and automatic job queuing
		? - faster speeds and increased work capacity
		- reduced need for IP addresses and decreased boot time
		- reduced need for IP addresses and increased manageability

7. Which statement accurately describes the Slackware Linux distribution?

		- It is designed for Linux novices.
		- It has a range of user interfaces and uses RPM.
		? - It is designed for advanced users and uses text-based configuration tools.
		- It is intended solely for non-profit organizations and uses the Debian package manager.

8. Which one of the following office tools is available for both Linux and Windows?

		- ClarisWorks
		- ApplixWare
		- Lyx
		? - StarOffice

9. What are two important features provided by security on a NOS?

		? - authentication and encryption
		- reliable performance and account management
		- virus protection and prevention from spamming
		- processor balance and sustained work load

10. Which of the following criteria must software meet in order to display the Open Source Initiative trademark?

		- It must be easily altered and adapted to all major operating systems and source code must be limited.
		- It must be compatible with third party add-ons and use standard source code.
		- It must be provided in multiple languages and cost must be minimal.
		? - It must be freely distributed without restriction and the source code must be available.

11. A user account on a server enables the server to do which of the following?

		- automatically download appropriate applications and print queues to that user
		? - authenticate that user and allocate those resources the user is allowed to access
		- assign a specific IP and MAC address to the user's workstation
		- assign the user to a specific domain and user group

12. Which of the following is a better choice than Telnet for Remote Login Servers on a Linux system?

		- SSL
		? - SSH
		- Kerberos
		- Remote Access

13. Windows 2000 Professional supports plug-and-play technology. What is one of the major advantages of this technology?

		- An administrator can add devices from any manufacturer to the system and they will work.
		- Devices no longer need software drivers to interact with the system.
		- Components will interact with the system if plugged in prior to system boot.
		? - An administrator or user can easily add components to the system without manual configuration.

14. Which of the following is open source?

		- all versions of UNIX
		- Windows 2000
		- all versions of NetWare
		? - Linux

15. How is redundancy built into a server system?

		? - by including additional hardware components that can take over if other components fail
		- by including a tape back-up system to preserve data
		- by adding redundancy software to the system
		- by keeping duplicates of all data

16. What are three important considerations when selecting a Linux distribution? (Choose three.)

		? [ ] whether the computer will be used as a client or a server
		[ ] whether or not the computer will be connected to a network
		? [ ] whether or not a GUI interface is required
		[ ] whether or not a command line user interface is required
		? [ ] the experience level of the user

17. Which Linux distribution was built solely for nonprofit uses?

		? - Debian GNU/Linux
		- Caldera eDesktop and eServer
		- SuSE Linux
		- LinuxPPC

18. Why might the administrator of a small company choose Windows 2000 Server instead of Windows 2000 Professional?

		- The operating system is to run on a dual-processor system.
		? - The system is to act as a DNS server.
		- The company needs an intranet based on a small web server.
		- The server will be accessed by up to ten simultaneous users.

19. In a Windows NT environment, what is the meaning of the term domain?

		- a dedicated server containing the database of all IP and MAC addresses on the network
		- a group of computers located in a specific physical or geographic region
		- the OU that contains all user accounts
		? - groups of computers, users, and resources that form an administrative boundary
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 5

1. Which statement correctly describes an NIS slave?

	- An NIS slave is another name for an NIS client.
	- An NIS slave is where the NIS database is maintained.
	- An NIS slave is where the NIS database is created.
	? - An NIS slave contains a copy of the NIS database.
	- An NIS slave contains the portions of the NIS database needed by the clients it serves.

2. What are two common uses of scripting languages? (Choose two.)

	? [ ] automate administrative tasks, such as cycling log files
	[ ] provide user interaction with a compiled program
	? [ ] run scheduled tasks at user login
	[ ] deliver files to remote users on request
	[ ] download required drivers to printers

3. What is the purpose of a directory service?

	- It increases the need for redundant logins.
	? - It provides administrators with centralized control of users and resources across the network.
	- It impairs network security and must therefore be used with a firewall.
	- It keeps track of the home addresses and phone numbers of all users.

4. Which version of Directory Service does Linux use?

	- NDS
	? - NIS
	- NFS

5. Which syntax is invalid for opening an FTP connection?

	? - ftp connect hostname
	- ftp <hostname | IP_address>
	- ftp
	- ftp computer.company.com

6. A network administrator is operating in the GNOME desktop environment. Which application would the administrator start in order to establish a command line session with a remote server?

	- gFTP
	- Mozilla
	- Star Office
	? - xterm

7. Which scripting language can be used on a Linux server to notify users that a print job is complete?

	- batch script
	- JavaScript
	- JScript
	? - shell script
	- VBScript

8. Which protocol was designed for file sharing on the Internet?

	? - FTP
	- TCP

9. Where do print jobs wait to be printed?

	- print list
	? - print queue
	- wait list
	- print job roster

10. What are three characteristics of an intranet? (Choose three.)

	[ ] communication with outside business partners
	? [ ] firewalls
	? [ ] multiple networks across the company
	[ ] public access
	[ ] local area network only
	? [ ] web servers

11. Which of the following is a list of common FTP commands?

	? - get, put, cd, bye
	- download, upload, dir, chdir, exit
	- send, receive, dir, cd, exit
	- transfer [from | to], list, dir, exit

12. Which TCP/IP protocol is responsible for file sharing?

	- DNS
	? - NFS
	- UDP
	- IPX

13. Which two protocols are used to control the transfer of web resources from a web server to a client browser? (Choose two.)

	[ ] ASP
	[ ] FTP
	[ ] HTML
	? [ ] HTTP
	? [ ] HTTPS
	[ ] IP

14. Which popular web server software is only available for Windows operating systems?

	- Apache
	- Firefox
	- Internet Explorer
	? - Internet Information Server
	- Netscape Server
	- Opera

15. What is the default order in which print jobs are processed when using a FIFO queue?

	- The last job placed in the queue is the first to be printed.
	? - The oldest job in the queue is printed first.
	- Smaller jobs are printed before larger jobs.
	- Larger jobs are printed before smaller jobs.
	- The network administrator determines which jobs are printed first.

16. Which protocol controls web page transmission?

	- FTP
	? - HTTP
	- DNS

17. Which of the following is a list of popular scripting languages?

	- X Window script, vi script, Gnome script
	- XML script, Sequel, Gnomepad
	- UNIX shell script, pico script, EmacsScript
	? - VBScript, Linux shell script, JavaScript
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Operating Systems 3.0 module 4

1 Which IP address range, as indicated by the first octet, is reserved for testing, and includes the loopback address?

	? 127.x.x.x

2 Which service is used to enable individual computers to automatically obtain an IP address?


3 Which of the following rely on ICMP?

	? sending an Echo Request
	logging in to a remote host
	mapping an IP address to a MAC address
	resolving a host name

4 The performance of a network has dropped. Which command should an administrator use in a Linux system to determine which routers are causing the problem?

	? traceroute

5 What is the range of numbers in the first octet of a Class C address?

	? 192-223

6 What is the range of numbers that can be used in the first octet of a Class A network?

	? 1-126

7 What is subnetting?

	? dividing large networks into smaller ones using the same network number
	allowing several small networks to communicate over the common carrier infrastructure
	combining several networks into a single larger network
	allowing separate companies to share an IP address by taking turns using it

8 In which layer of the TCP/IP model does ICMP operate?

	? Internet
	Network Access

9 Which address class contains the IP address

	? B

10 How would a technician permanently change the IP address of an Ethernet card on a Red Hat Linux PC to

	use the command ifconfig eth0
	use the command route add default IP dev eth0
	use the command ping
	? edit the IPADDRESS line in the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

11 How many octets are contained in an IP address?

	? 4

12 What must a computer have when connected to a network?

	one unique name per function
	one unique address per service
	? one unique address per connection point
	one unique network

13 Which utility is used in Windows and Linux to view network connections and protocol statistics?

	? netstat	

14 Which service does ARP provide?

	It resolves a physical address to a TCP port number.
	It resolves a broadcast address to an IP address.
	? It resolves an IP address to a MAC address.
	It resolves a URL to a MAC address.

15 A technician needs to log into a remote Linux PC to perform some maintenance. Which application layer protocol could be used?

	? Telnet

16 Which Linux command is used to temporarily change the default gateway of a host?

	? route

17 What is the primary function of NAT?

	convert a MAC address to a domain name
	? translate between a local IP address and a global IP address
	allocate IP addresses to commercial organizations
	determine the best route through a network

18 What is a unique characteristic of the IP addressing scheme?

	flat addressing
	? hierarchical addressing
	internetwork addressing
	single-octet addressing

19 Which protocol is used to translate a domain name into an IP address?

	? DNS

20 Which classes of IP addresses are used by commercial organizations for host addressing?

	? A,C,D
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